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Hollands biggest distributor of mail has a big rollcontainer fleet and an even bigger challenge of keeping them in shape for daily use. Containexx FixIt is the best way to keep them in shape according to TNT, which is why Containexx and TNT are partners for years.

TNT asked us: "Can you keep our containers rolling?", Containexx answered: "Sure we can".



Coop supermarkets define themselves by outstanding quality, a well balanced product pallet and fair pricing. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.
When Coop needed to replace their rollcontainer fleet they were looking for a supplier with simular goals, that is when they came across Containexx.



Udea is a wholesaler supplying eco friendly and frozen foods. Udea asked Containexx: "Our employees need to collect items faster more easily, how can Containexx help?". Together we assembled a rollcontainer which suits our joint corporate values: Ergonomics, ecology and economy.


Dutch National Bank

Working on trust. In a proffesional environment where responsibility is the keyword. What we do is what matters. And everything we do is with great integrity, loyalty and sentiment of unity. These are the keywords for our success. Containexx and the Dutch National Bank are a firstclass team.


Containexx, your partner when it comes to logistic solutions

By streamlining your logistical process you can reduce costs. Containexx has a variety of logistic solutions which can save you a lot of time and money. Thanks to our extensive assortment, Containexx has the solution for virtually every logistical problem!

Do you want your logistic process analysed and receive advice on optimising productivity? Contact us now and make an appointment with one of our accountmanagers.


Unfortunately we do not have any job opportunities right now.

You are however free to leave your resume at info@containexx.com


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Containexx at Transport & Logistics 2013 Antwerp

From October 15-17 2013 Containexx will participate at the trade show Transport & Logistics in Antwerp.

A lot of attention will go out to the newest additions to our extensive roll cage assortment. During the event we will be displaying many different kinds of roll cages and we will gladly take the time to inform you about all our products and services. 

Click here for more information about Transport & Logistics 2013. 

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Visitor address Headquarters
Haven Noordzijde 18
Tel: 0031 597 645599
Fax: 0031 597 595518


Traditional mail

Mail address Headquarters
Postbus 11
Tel: 0031 597 645599
Fax: 0031 597 595518


Business Data

Business Data


IBAN: NL10ABNA0627497357

KvK Groningen: 020 77404

BTW nr: NL 8106.44.137.B01


Roll cage assortment

Containexx offers you the possibility to rent or buy roll cages. Within our extensive assortment of internal transport solutions these are the most popular roll cages: 

2 sided roll cage      3 sided roll cage      4 sided roll cage      2 sided nestable roll cage      3 sided nestable roll cage      3 sided nestable roll cage with brake      heavy duty roll cage      vegetable roll cage      anti-theft roll cage      retail roll cage 2.0      floratainer 500      floratainer 1000      shelves      2 sided roll cage used      3 sided roll cage used

Would you like to know more about our roll cages, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to info@containexx.com or to call +31 (0)597 - 64 55 99.

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What is Containexx Pool?

There is no question about what rollcontainer users expect, they want full use of their containers, they do not want to worry about maintenance or replacement and a guaranteed number of functional containers at their disposal at all times.

This is where Containexx comes in; we are your best assett when it comes to streamlining your logistic process. Make an appointment with an accountmanager today and find out how Containexx can take your logistic nightmares away.


When is Containexx Pool the right choice?

You need to replace your rollcontainers but you do not want to stress your liquidity.
You do not want ownership over the containers, instead you would rather lease them.
You do not want to be responsible for maintenance of the rollcontainers.


What are the advantages of Containexx Pool?

* Longterm solution, with contracts accordingly
* Instead of purchase costs, easy monthly installments
* Service and maintenance according to your wishes
* Rollcontainers which are not in use can be stored
* If Containexx Pool is your choice, trading in your current rollcontainers is possible
* Track- and Trace is possible
* Easy to combine with Containexx Rent to cover peak demand


Open or Closed Pool

Closed Pool:
A closed pool is exclusively available for you as a user. All different types of rollcontainers that Containexx can offer could be used for this pool. You can even choose a custom-made product built to your specifications.

Open pool:
In an open pool you participate together with other users in the Containexx Pool. Participating in an open pool is possible when you use standard issue rollcontainers. You can participate in an open pool by exchanging a number of rollcontainers or by tracking and tracing; this depends on the type of rollcontainer that you need.


Selling your rollcontainers to Containexx

* You have too big a fleet of rollcontainers.
* You are contemplating switching to another logistic solution.
* You are switching to Containexx Pool.

Containexx buys used rollcontainers on a regular basis.
Feel free to send us an email or call to see what Containexx can do for you.


Containexx Fixit: the best service to keep your roll cages in shape

Containexx does maintenance for all kinds of logistical products; even if we are not the supplier. Containexx Fixit is the software we use to keep you informed on repairs that are made. Containexx Fixit gives you insights in costs of repair: you know what the costs are and how and when they occur.

As a participant in Containexx Fixit you frequently receive reports on the kind of repairs we come across. This information could be a useful tool to prevent complaints and reduce the costs of your rollcontainer fleet.


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Geschikt voor het vervoer van aardappelen.

De rolcontainer heeft een afmeting van 800 x 600 x 1482 mm.

Bodem: blauwe kunststof pallet 800 x 600 mm van binnen verstevigd met 4 metalen steunstrippen. Voorzien van 2 bok- en 2 zwenkwielen Ø 100 mm met PU loopvlak, kogellagers en kleine draadvangkapjes.

De zijwanden en achterwanden zijn van buis Ø 19 mm en gaas 100x40x5 mm.

Aan de voorzijde is een deur gemonteerd  aan de zijwand, vervaardigd van buis Ø 19 mm en gaas 100x40x5 mm, voorzien van een grendel.

Alle wanden zijn voorzien van een notitieplaat.

Exclusief legbord.

Afwerking: Alle stalen delen zijn elektrolytisch verzinkt.